Israel published a new directive draft designed to ensure quick and fair claim settlements of long term care insurances

by Guy Shmueli During the last few years the Israeli media published many stories of Insureds who purchased Long Term Care policies and who became involved in a lengthy and complex process when trying to exercise their rights to obtain said insurance benefits. The issue raised awareness when during a recent meeting of the Israeli

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Litigation of D&O Claims in Israel

Adv. Moshe Abady, Adv. Yael Navon and Adv. Adi Margalit D&O Liability Team; December 2017 What is the most significant change in D&O Litigation in Israel in the last few years? The increase in the number of motions filed with the Court requesting to certify the filing of Derivative Actions against D&Os. Whereas between the years

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Is a Flooding of Groundwater a Foreseen Event in a Construction Policy?

Peggy Sharon, Adv. C.A 8776/15 Ayalon Insurance Company Ltd v. Malibu Construction Company (December 2017). Background In 2006, the Malibu Construction Company (hereinafter - "the contractor") won a tender for the construction of an underground passage under the railway tracks in Akko.  Attached to the tender there was a professional opinion of a soil engineer

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Underwriting of a Policy

The Insured's Disclosure Duty v.The Insurer's Obligation to Conduct Independent Investigations. Dror Zamir, Adv. & Hadas Adler, Adv.    C.C 24088-08-13 Leibowits and Others v. Apolo Investments Ltd. and Others In one of her last Judgments before her retirement, Judge Denia Keret-Meir from the Tel Aviv Economic District Court handed down a comprehensive and significant

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The Israeli Court declined a JB Claim accepting the Argument of Fraud

Adv. Peggy Sharon, Adv. Sharon Shefer and Adv. Karin Barel October 2017 On 25th September 2017, the Central District Court (Judge Kinar) declined a Claim filed by Plaintiffs: Eran Polack (hereinafter: Polack) and several companies controlled by Polack against Insurers: Menorah Mivtachim Insurance Company, after Menorah, represented by Levitan, Sharon (P. Sharon, S. Shefer, K.


A fine line differentiates between act or omission of a torfeasor which could be covered by Professional Indemnify Policy and act or omission that could be covered by Public Liability Policy. For example, if a pedestrian falls due to a broken pavement – is the Municipality where the pavement is situated covered by its PI

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Insurance Contract Law – 1981

 Chapter One: Provisions for All Classes of Insurance Article One: Insurance Contract 1. An insurance contract is a contract between an Insurer and an Insured which obligates the Insurer, in consideration of insurance premium, to pay insurance benefits to the beneficiary upon the occurrence of the event Insured against. What is an Insurance contract?  

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The Compensation for Loss of Earnings in the “Lost Year

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BDI – Best Companies to wor

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In a Supreme Court decision handed down on 15th September 2013[1] which serves as a precedent, judges ruled on one of the most repeated disputes which the lower Courts have dealt with in the past few years, i.e. whether the Insurer can avoid liability in the event the Insured overlooks a condition to apply security

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