Extra Contractual Damages due to Unjustified Declination of Insurance Claim

Dror Zamir Adv. & Hadas Adler, Adv. C.C 3168/09 The Third Step Ltd. v. the Israel Phoenix Insurance Co. Ltd General Background Plaintiff is a company engaged in the business of import and marketing of women's footwear. In December 2006 a fire broke out in Plaintiff's rented storeroom and totally destroyed it and its contents.

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Failure by Insured to Implement Measures for Mitigation of Risk – Dismissal of Insurance Claim

Peggy Sharon, Adv. & Alon Katz, Adv. Introduction: Prior the Insurance Contract Law (1981) (also: "the law") failure to take protective measures could lead to a complete loss of benefits. Since then, most court rulings have applied Article 21 of the law, which provides that if the insured fails to take measures for mitigation of

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Israel published a new directive ….

Israel published a new directive draft designed to ensure quick and fair claim settlements of long term care insurances  Tammy Greenberg, Adv. & Guy Shmueli During the last few years the Israeli media published many stories of Insureds who purchased Long Term Care policies and who became involved in a lengthy and complex process when trying

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Is a Flooding of Groundwater a Foreseen Event in a Construction Policy?

C.A 8776/15 Ayalon Insurance Company Ltd v. Malibu Construction Company (December 2017). Background In 2006, the Malibu Construction Company (hereinafter - "the contractor") won a tender for the construction of an underground passage under the railway tracks in Akko.  Attached to the tender there was a professional opinion of a soil engineer stating that groundwater

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The Compensation for Loss of Earnings in the “Lost Year

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BDI – Best Companies to wor

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