The first Post Covid-19 Conference of Levitan, Sharon & Co: Mass Torts, Exceptional Evidence, and more…

A new approach to Mass Torts may require changes in PI policies, as  the ordinary policies for  professionals involved in mass gatherings are not sufficient to grant the insureds the necessary protection and also are not enough in order to indemnify the injured parties Hundreds of insurance companies' managers and claims people attended the annual

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Extra Contractual Damages due to Unjustified Declination of Insurance Claim

Dror Zamir Adv. & Hadas Adler, Adv. C.C 3168/09 The Third Step Ltd. v. the Israel Phoenix Insurance Co. Ltd General Background Plaintiff is a company engaged in the business of import and marketing of women's footwear. In December 2006 a fire broke out in Plaintiff's rented storeroom and totally destroyed it and its contents.

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Failure by Insured to Implement Measures for Mitigation of Risk – Dismissal of Insurance Claim

Peggy Sharon, Adv. & Alon Katz, Adv. Introduction: Prior the Insurance Contract Law (1981) (also: "the law") failure to take protective measures could lead to a complete loss of benefits. Since then, most court rulings have applied Article 21 of the law, which provides that if the insured fails to take measures for mitigation of

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Israel published a new directive ….

Israel published a new directive draft designed to ensure quick and fair claim settlements of long term care insurances  Tammy Greenberg, Adv. & Guy Shmueli During the last few years the Israeli media published many stories of Insureds who purchased Long Term Care policies and who became involved in a lengthy and complex process when trying

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Is a Flooding of Groundwater a Foreseen Event in a Construction Policy?

C.A 8776/15 Ayalon Insurance Company Ltd v. Malibu Construction Company (December 2017). Background In 2006, the Malibu Construction Company (hereinafter - "the contractor") won a tender for the construction of an underground passage under the railway tracks in Akko.  Attached to the tender there was a professional opinion of a soil engineer stating that groundwater

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The Compensation for Loss of Earnings in the “Lost Year

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BDI – Best Companies to wor

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