The Relationship between the Injured, the Tortfeasor and the National Insurance Institute (hereinafter: NII)

C.A. 27688/11/14 National Insurance Institute v the City of Tel Aviv, Jaffa et al. Liat Rotman .Adv Preamble: An employee in Israel is automatically insured for work accidents by the National Insurance Institute (hereinafter: the NII) which is a government institution. The said insurance is a compulsory insurance. The premium is paid by

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Insurance, Diamonds and Fraud: Supreme Court declined Insured’s appeal on fraudulent Jewelers Block Claim

On July 28th 2019, the Supreme Court of Israel (Justices N. Hendel, M. Mazuz, A. Baron) declined an appeal filed by Eran Polack and several companies controlled by him against Insurers: Allianz Versicherungs, Menorah Mivtachim Insurance Company and HDI-Gerling Industrie Versicherungs. Insurers were represented by Levitan, Sharon & Co. (P. Sharon, S. Shefer, K. Barel)

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A Partial Settlement Agreement precludes the unsettling Defendant from Sending a Third Party Notice to the Settling Defendants

Introduction: A Settlement Agreement was concluded between Plaintiffs and several Defendants who were parties to the claim, which included an allocation of liability, as well as of the amount of the damages. As a result, the Claim against the settling defendants was dismissed.   The State, which was also a Co-Defendant in the Claim (hereinafter:

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Lexology GTDT – Insurance & Reinsurance – Exclusive Contributor Israel

Insurance & Reinsurance - Click here to read the article  

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The Israel Court has Jurisdiction over a recovery claim filed by an Israeli Insurer against a Foreign Reinsurer

Adv. Aviv Klepner C.C. (Tel Aviv) 23416-03-18 The Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd. v. Infrassure Ltd.   The Tel Aviv District Court acknowledged jurisdiction over a claim filed by an Israeli Insurer against a Foreign Reinsurer who refused to participate in a settlement agreed by all other Reinsurers. The Court ordered service of the Statement of

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The Israeli Compensation System of Bodily Injuries caused as a result of Road Accidents

General: Israel has established a “No Fault System” in road accidents compensation following the enactment of Israel Road Accident Victims Compensation Law 1975 (hereinafter: The Law). According to the Law, a person injured in a motor vehicle road accident is entitled to compensation regardless the question of fault i.e. there is no need to prove

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When are technical malfunctions considered special circumstances?

Introduction: In a recent judgement handed down by the Beit Shean Small Claims Court, the Court declined a claim for compensation as a result of flight cancellation under the Aviation Services Law (Compensation and Assistance due to cancellation of flight or change in its condition) – 2012, due to a technical malfunction[1]. The Facts: Plaintiff

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New Draft Circular by the Supervisor of the Capital Market, Insurance and Savings (the Supervisor)

On 20th January 2019 the Supervisor published a draft circular regarding transfer of funds by Israeli Insurers to Non-Israeli Reinsurers (hereinafter: New Draft Circular). History: Until 2012, the Control over Financial Services Regulations (ways of investing capital and undertakings of Insurers and management of its liabilities) (hereinafter: the Regulation) stipulated in Clause 25 how much

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Where the Damage occurred in Israel by a Product manufactured abroad

The Manufacturer may be Summoned to Legal Proceedings in Israel The Global World of Commerce which enables orders through the Internet creates a situation where the manufacturer of the product does not always know the destination of his product. In addition, a machine that was originally purchased by a plant  in Arizona, may find its

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Is the Insurer Exempt from Liability for a Car Accident towards a Third Party, where the Insured was Drunk?

On 15th October 2018, the Israeli Supreme Court dismissed the appeal of the Hachshara Insurance Company (hereinafter: “Hachshara” and/or “the Insurer”) and declined its allegation that it should be exempt from liability towards a third party when the Insured drove the vehicle under the influence of alcohol (Leave to Appeal 2843/18, Hachshara v. Israel Polikov

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Denial of a Liquidator’s claim based on a Claims Made Policy that was acquired 20 years ago

Adv. Nitzan Shmueli, liquidator of Shem Tov Ltd. (in liquidation) (hereinafter: the Company) v. Menorah Insurance Co. Ltd (hereinafter: Menorah). In July 2018, the District Court of Jerusalem dismissed a Liquidator Claim against Menorah, based on a Claims Made Policy that was issued 20 years ago and expired 16 years ago. Background: The Liquidator of

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Liquidators/Special Managers Claim Against D&O Insurers

In 1991 an amendment to the Israeli Companies Act was enacted, which allowed companies to insure their D&Os. In 1993 less than 15 claims were notified to Insurers under the D&Os' liability policies. In 2017 there were about 520 D&O claims in Israel notified under D&O policies, out of which app. 5% were liquidators/ special

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The Duty to Notify a Cyber Breach in Israel

The connection between the legal duty to report a cyber-breach and the exposure to liability claims arising from a cyber-attack has already become common knowledge. In the past year, several developments occurred in the Israeli law increasing the duty to notify a cyber-breach, and thus the exposure to liability claims.   Until May 2018, the

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How will a Fraudulent Claim by the Insured affect the Third Party’s Right for Insurance Benefits?

In RCA 1219/18 Shay Peretz v. (1) Shlomo Insurance Company (2) Ron Zohar (18 June 2018), the Supreme Court dealt with the issue of whether Article 25 of the Insurance Contract Law, 1981 which discharges the Insurer in case the Insured or the beneficiary submitted a fraudulent claim, applies also to the third party's direct

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High Rise Buildings – Need For Mandatory Insurance

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Extra Contractual Damages due to Unjustified Declination of Insurance Claim

Dror Zamir Adv. & Hadas Adler, Adv. C.C 3168/09 The Third Step Ltd. v. the Israel Phoenix Insurance Co. Ltd General Background Plaintiff is a company engaged in the business of import and marketing of women's footwear. In December 2006 a fire broke out in Plaintiff's rented storeroom and totally destroyed it and its contents.

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Failure by Insured to Implement Measures for Mitigation of Risk – Dismissal of Insurance Claim

Peggy Sharon, Adv. & Alon Katz, Adv. Introduction: Prior the Insurance Contract Law (1981) (also: "the law") failure to take protective measures could lead to a complete loss of benefits. Since then, most court rulings have applied Article 21 of the law, which provides that if the insured fails to take measures for mitigation of

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Israel published a new directive ….

Israel published a new directive draft designed to ensure quick and fair claim settlements of long term care insurances  Tammy Greenberg, Adv. & Guy Shmueli During the last few years the Israeli media published many stories of Insureds who purchased Long Term Care policies and who became involved in a lengthy and complex process when trying

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Is a Flooding of Groundwater a Foreseen Event in a Construction Policy?

C.A 8776/15 Ayalon Insurance Company Ltd v. Malibu Construction Company (December 2017). Background In 2006, the Malibu Construction Company (hereinafter - "the contractor") won a tender for the construction of an underground passage under the railway tracks in Akko.  Attached to the tender there was a professional opinion of a soil engineer stating that groundwater

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SUBROGATION CLAIM ONLY IN THE NAME OF THE INSURED  Peggy Sharon, Adv.   On 23 January 2017 the Supreme Court dealt with the question of whether a non-admitted insurer is entitled to file a subrogation claim in Israel in its own name and answered the question in the negative (C.A. 8044/15). The Court upheld the

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