Class Actions

Proper Timing for Filing an Appeal on a Court Judgement

Approving the Filing of a Class Action and Implications on D&O Insurance Introduction: A recent Supreme Court judgement handed down on 6 May 2010 (C.M. 8761/09 Fatal v. Cellcom), may have a dramatic effect on Class Action suits filed in Israel and as a result, on liability policies such as a D&O liability policy, which

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A recent Supreme Court judgement handed down in the framework of MCA 5635113 (Coral-Tel v. Avihu Raz and three others) had put an end to an ongoing discussion in Israeli Courts concerning the possibility of filing Third Party Notices in Class Action claims. This judgement has a significant influence on the handling of the defence

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Approval of a Class Action in an Environmental Claim

Background In 2006, Israel enacted a Class Action Law. The Law sets forth uniform rules regarding submission and management of such actions The guidelines provided by the Law were designed to: Guarantee the right of access to court for all segments of the population, especially for those individuals or groups who would normally have difficulty

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