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Tort Ordinance (New Version)- Updated to March 2015

Chapter One: Interpretation 1. Subject to the Interpretation Ordinance, this Ordinance will be interpreted in accordance with the principles of legal interpretation obtaining in England, and expressions used in it will be presumed, so far as is consistent with their context, and except as may be otherwise expressly provided, to be used with the meaning

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The Relationship between the Injured, the Tortfeasor and the National Insurance Institute (hereinafter: NII)

C.A. 27688/11/14 National Insurance Institute v the City of Tel Aviv, Jaffa et al. Liat Rotman .Adv Preamble: An employee in Israel is automatically insured for work accidents by the National Insurance Institute (hereinafter: the NII) which is a government institution. The said insurance is a compulsory insurance. The premium is paid by

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A Partial Settlement Agreement precludes the unsettling Defendant from Sending a Third Party Notice to the Settling Defendants

Introduction: A Settlement Agreement was concluded between Plaintiffs and several Defendants who were parties to the claim, which included an allocation of liability, as well as of the amount of the damages. As a result, the Claim against the settling defendants was dismissed.   The State, which was also a Co-Defendant in the Claim (hereinafter:

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Carriage By Air Law – 1980

1. In this Law - "The Warsaw Convention" -- Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air, signed at Warsaw on 12th October, 1929, and published in the Official Gazette;   "The Hague Protocol" -- Protocol to Amend the Warsaw Convention, signed at the Hague on the 28th September, 1955,

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Liability for Defective Products Law, 1980

In this Law - "Manufacturer" - a person who is engaged, for commercial purposes, in the manufacture or assembly of products, including - (1) a person who represents himself as the manufacturer of a product by using his name or trade mark or in any other manner; (2) an importer, for commercial purposes, of a

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Road Accident Victims Compensation Law – 1975

  Chapter One: Interpretation  1. In this Law - "Road accident" - an occurrence in which bodily damage is caused to a person as a result of the use of a motor vehicle, for purpose of transportation; an event caused as a result of an ctexplosion or catching fire of the vehicle, caused by an

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