What you should expect from a cutting-edge Insurance & Reinsurance


Adv. Sharon Shefer   Adv. Keren Marco   Adv. Yael Navon


Insurance and Reinsurance are perceived by the outsider as traditional, not very exciting Legal areas.


However, the in-house counsel of an insurance related entity, as well as underwriters and actuaries, know that there are insurance products which need all the imagination, creativity and flexibility for their creation.


Hand in hand with the traditional product, there is a growing number of complex, “out of the box” products which in many cases are tailor-made insurances.


Your cutting-edge law firm must understand and put words to ideas of such advanced products and should be able to apply to the new products the insurance law principles as developed over the years.


World Wide Pandemics


Coronavirus, which has created havoc and worldwide anxiety due to its mystery and economic consequences, creates also opportunities for new insurance products and an appetite for a Business Interoption. policy to cover consequences of unpredicted disaster not connected to underline property loss.


The virus may go away but the appetite will remain. Such product can be a stand-alone Business Interruption policy, or as an appendix to a health crisis new product.


Corona and Special Clinical Trials

When this article was written no solution was in place for the Coronavirus. However, it was clear that in the foreseeable future there will be new potential answers.  In order to speed things up beyond current testing protocol, special insurances will be needed to protect Laboratories, Pharmacological Companies which will come with potential solutions.


Solvency and Capital Adequacy – Products

The regulation developed in the past few years is aimed to increase solvency and capital adequacy of financial institutions, such as insurance companies and banks. These new regulations enable the creation of new and fascinating insurance products, built up as a result of the creativity of lawyers and actuaries.


The terms L.P.T. Mass Lapse, V.I.F. are not names of diseases, these are 21st Century new insurance products. The names may vary, the idea is the same. How does insurance help the client, to stand up to its capital requirement.


Different products were built up for others types of financial institutions such as banks, investment companies and others. (such as guarantees) some are traditional, others tailor-made.


The cutting-edge lawyer who knows and understands the insurance market, as well as the Capital Market and the accounting requirements, is the type of lawyer who should be retained by you.


Capital Market – Insurance Products

The importance of the Capital market in relation to the development of companies, creates transactions which need the assistance of non-traditional insurance products, such as warranty and indemnity policies for mergers and acquisitions. The involvement of an insurance product enables protecting the parties to the contract from misrepresentation or from an unknown factor that may be revealed after the merger, or protects the seller from future unknown events that may influence the price of the sale.


I.P.O.’s Protection

Assisting the I.P.O. or its security underwriter by a special product tailor-made to the type of the I.P.O. and its’ needs, helps in the development of the capital market and requires knowledge of Securities Law as well as insurance understandings.


Comprehensive Coverage for Multinational Companies

The commercial giants ruling the world would like to have overall control over their tax, legal and insurance coverage. The regulations in each country where they are operating are different.


The role of your lawyer is to find ways to overcome the legal and regulatory impediments, assisting the client to reach his desired insurance structure.


The same creative mind is needed in order to find ways how to enable non-admitted Insurers to issue special types of insurances to local important Insureds.  In addition, such law firm should be equipped with facility to assist the non-admitted Insurer to handle claims surveys and other needs.


Environmental Risk

The increasing awareness of environmental problems is the basis for growing demand of insurance solutions. The potential Insureds are the creators of these risks, as well as banks who finance the contaminating companies and real estate developers which may encounter contaminated lands.


Not always the standard policy answers all the needs. Tailor-made products may be the answer.


Data Breach and Privacy BreachI.


The fast development of the technology, including internet of things and artificial intelligence brings future benefits as well as future hazards. The ability to use the advanced technology to harm, must be foreseen and dealt with together with insurance.


The use of information gathered by various companies creates, among others, problems of breach of privacy. New regulations are imposed forcing companies to handle cyber risks, and to take measures to protect information held by them. The dependency of all fields on computer systems and their exposure to cyber risks is a matter of concern to everybody.


Insurance is one of the tools that can assist in managing and mitigating the risk.


Other Areas

Fraud, professional liability, property C.A.R., life insurance – all these areas will continue to exist, the channels of distributions may change, the wording of the products may vary, but the essence of these insurances will remain.

Your lawyer should have the capability of dealing also with these risks.


Who Are We

Levitan, Sharon, has the ability to assist its clients – insurers and reinsurers – in developing sophisticated insurance products, advising and building up tailor-made insurances as well as being involved in traditional insurance. We are the type of law firm, one can describe as the cutting-edge Insurance and Reinsurance lawyer.


Sharon Shefer is our partner involved in Environmental and Clinical trials solutions.


Keren Marco is our partner responsible for the Capital Adequacy Insurances.


Yael Navon is our partner involved in Cyber, W&I insurance and Capital Market Products.