By Adv. Peggy Sharon and Adv. Sharon Shefer

In recent years, due to the political situation in Israel, Israeli diamond dealers have been travelling abroad more often in order to meet with their clients.

As a result, there has been a direct increase in the number of losses and thefts involving Israeli diamonteers outside the country and new problems are being faced by both Israeli and non-Israeli insurers which provide coverage to these diamonteers.


by Adv. Peggy Sharon Adv. Irit Shapira Webber and Adv. Deror Lin


When filing a motion for affirmation of an arbitration award, while a motion requesting enforcement against a party that was not a party to the arbitration is not allowed (according to the PECDAR ruling), a motion for enforcement against a party which changed its name may be accepted by the Court.



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What is the effect of a settlement agreement in a Class Action which was approved by the Court in California, U.S.A. on a Class Action which was filed in Israel by an Israeli claimant against the same defendant, based on the same cause of action?


The Israel Supreme Court dealt in April 2015 with this question (RCA 3973/10 David Stern vs. Verifone Holdings Inc. (2.04.15), and analyzed the issue of enforcement of foreign judgements in Israel.

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Latest Supreme Court decision which ruled that Insurers cannot avoid liability even when the Insured overlooks a condition applying to security measures set out in the policy – recently published on the International Law Office website


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Peggy Sharon participated in a panel discussing the Prohibition of Discrimination in Insurance which was held during the AIDA World Congress in Rome, Italy on 2nd October 2014.


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The firm was a sponsor of the 4th AIDA Europe Conference held in the Grange Tower Hotel in London on the 12th – 15th September 2012. Peggy Sharon is a member of the AIDA Europe Committee, representing Israel. The members of the Committee were re-elected for another 3 years term.

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Litigation in a foreign country is always a mystery for the client. What is the legal system, how long it will take, who can represent my interests in the best possible way? We interviewed Adv. Dror Zamir , a Litigation Partner at Levitan Sharon, an Israeli Law firm.

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