Unjust Enrichment Law, 1979

Menachem Begin Prime Minister Shmuel Tamir Minister of Justice Yitzhak Navon President of the State of Israel  

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Arbitration Law, 1968

Addendum (Section 2) The arbitration will be before a single arbitrator, unless a greater number of arbitrators has been fixed. In an arbitration before an even number of arbitrators, the arbitrators will, on the demand of one of them, appoint an additional arbitrator. When an additional arbitrator has been appointed, he will be

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Sales Law (apartments)- 1973

Addendum 1. Defects in products and carpentry, including aluminum and plastic – two years. 2. Defects in interior flooring and cladding including sinking and subsidence - two years. 3. Failure in functioning and durability of machines and boilers - three years. 4. Failure in the development of the yard, including sinking including of

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The Sales (International Sale of. Goods) Law 1999

Addendum (Section 2) The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods

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