Sharon Shefer

Sharon Shefer Senior Partner

Practice Areas: Liability Claims (in particular Third Party, Employer’s Liability, and Product Liability), Environmental claims, Mass Tort, Class Actions in the Oil and Gas fields, and Jeweler’s Block Policies. Sharon worked for several months during her training period in the London Market, and has served this market and the German market since 1997.
Degree: LL.B.
Education: After graduating from the Tel Aviv University, Sharon successfully completed her LLM in a combined program for commercial law run by the Tel Aviv and Berkley University in California.
Status: Sharon heads the Jewelers’ Block Insurance Department and the Energy, Oil and Gas Department. Sharon currently acts for Insurers of the oil and gas industry in some of the largest claims submitted in Israel, mainly gas explosions, accidents etc.
Membership:   A member of the Israel Bar Association, the International Bar Association, member also of the Israeli Triathlon Union.
Languages: Hebrew, English


In a Supreme Court decision handed down on 15th September 2013[1] which serves as a precedent, judges ruled on one of the most repeated disputes which the lower Courts have dealt with in the past few years, i.e. whether the Insurer can avoid liability in the event the Insured overlooks a condition to apply security

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Special Risks Jeweler’s Block Insurance The Shiny & Glitzy Insurance Special focus: Israel

Despite the recent economic difficulties – and perhaps because of these difficulties – the theme of the song “Diamonds are Forever” is as true today as it was in the past. The diamonds and precious stones industry is located in a few centers in the world and Israel is a very important one. Although cutting

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Approval of a Class Action in an Environmental Claim

Background In 2006, Israel enacted a Class Action Law. The Law sets forth uniform rules regarding submission and management of such actions The guidelines provided by the Law were designed to: Guarantee the right of access to court for all segments of the population, especially for those individuals or groups who would normally have difficulty

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